When it comes to selecting fragrances for different areas of your home, it's essential to consider the time of day and purpose of each room. 

To choose the ideal scent for each room, we recommend:

  • Hallway: Opt for fresh and floral scents during the day, switching to woody and musky fragrances for the evening
  • Kitchen: Combat cooking odours with citrusy fragrances 
  • Bathroom: Keep a fresh smell with citrus or floral scents
  • Bedroom: Start with fresh and earthy fragrances in the morning, followed by a sophisticated, fruity scent in the evening
  • Sitting room: Highlight floors and timber beams with woody and musky aromas, or use warm and calming notes for a cosier atmosphere
  • Study: Experiment with fresh, marine fragrances in the study to enhance focus and alertness, then switch to earthy scents to promote relaxation
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